Leticia Coura is an artist.

She is a singer, songwriter, writer, actress and vocal coach. She plays the acoustic guitar and the cavaquinho.
She released two solo albums: Bam Bam Bam (Dabliú Discos, 1998) carries her own compositions as well as those from Pixinguinha, Carmen Miranda, Lupicínio Rodrigues and Monsueto; and Leticia Coura canta Boris Vian (Dabliú Discos, 2001) carries her Portuguese version for songs of the French poet and trumpeter Boris Vian, merged with the originals in French. She also released two albums in partnership with singer‐songwriter Adriana Capparelli Ao Contrário and Aos Contrários (Tratore, 2012) – and worked in partnership with the German band Schnaftl Ufftschik, with whom she performed in Germany and Austria.

In 1999, alongside Beto Bianchi and Vitor da Trindade, she founded the samba trio Revista do Samba, with whom she recorded five albums: Revista do Samba (Traumton Records, 2002 – Germany – and Rob Digital, 2003 – Brazil), Outras Bossas (Traumton Records 2004), Revista Bixiga Oficina do Samba (Atração Fonográfica, 2006 – Brazil), Hortênsia du Samba (Les Disques Bien, 2011 – in partnership with the French band Tante Hortense), and Revista do Samba (Tratore, 2014). The trio performed in Brazil and in festivals in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, with highlight to APAP (New York – USA), Stimmen (Germany), Val Latina and Parc de La Villette (France), Minta (Tel Aviv – Israel), World of Performing Arts Festival (Lahore – Pakistan), Mawazine Festival and Festival des Musiques du Désert (Rabat and Sahara – Morocco), and Brazilian All Stars Festival and Coffee Festival (Seoul and Gangneung – South Korea).

In 2001, she joined the theatre company Teatro Oficina, directed by José Celso Martinez Corrêa, with whom she has performed in several Brazilian cities and also in Germany, Croatia, Portugal and Belgium, and she was a part of the plays:

Bacantes (Bacchantes), by Euripides;
Ham-Let (Hamlet), by Shakespeare;
Os Sertões ( Rebellion in the Backlands), an adaptation of Euclides da Cunha;
O Banquete (The Symposium), an adaptation of Plato;
Estrela Brazyleira a vagar, Cacilda !!, by José Celso Martinez Corrêa;
Taniko, by Zeame;
Macumba Antropófaga (Anthropophagic Voodoo) , an adaptation of Oswald de Andrade;
Mistérios Gozosos (Joyful Mysteries) , an adaptation of Oswald de Andrade;
Cacilda Odyssey, by José Celso Martinez Corrêa;
Acordes, by Bertolt Brecht;
(All directed by José Celso Martinez Corrêa)
Cypriano and Chan‐ta‐lan, by Luis Antonio Martinez Corrêa and directed by Marcelo Drummond.

She was awarded the Shell Theatre Award 2003 – Music, alongside other composers for her work in Os Sertões – O Homem (Rebellion in the Backlands – The Earth), directed by José Celso Martinez Corrêa, and she was nominated the following year to the Shell Theatre Award 2004 – Special Category, for the Choir Musical Direction and Appreciation developed in Os Sertões – do nascimento à revolta (Rebellion in the Backlands – from birth to revolt).

She debuted in theatre in São Paulo singing in the play I Love – Mayakovsky and Lili Brik, directed by Beatriz Azevedo – with whom she also worked in Ópera Urbana Zucco –, which she translated from the original in French by Bernard‐Marie Koltès (Teatro de Bernard‐Marie Koltès – Editora Hucitec, 1995). She signed the Musical Direction of the shows O Fantasma do Circo, by Veronica Tamaoki, and Retábulo da Avareza, Luxúria e Morte, with the company Os Satyros, directed by Rodolfo García Vázquez.

In 2015 and 16, she worked with Bloco Pau‐Brasil by staging Oswald de Andrade’s poems and turning them into music. The bloco paraded through the streets of Bixiga neighborhood (in São Paulo), integrating the official program of São Paulo Street Carnaval 2016. Since 2011, she has also been the lead singer for Bloco da Cambinda, a carnaval street bloco from Embu das Artes (SP).

Her first book of short-stories, “Então é isso?!”, was released in 2016 by Giostri Editora. She also translated, from the French, Boris Vian, Guillaume Apollinaire, Alfred Jarry and Pierry Louÿs.

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